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iJog - Description


AppAppers is excited to announce that we have major updates coming to iJog soon. With these updates you will be able to store and export all of your jogging history. Also, we have included mapping functionality and much more. Stay Tuned...

Anyone who is into fitness knows that measuring your input and performance is a key variable of success. iJog is an app for your iPhone that uses GPS technology to track key stats about your jog, walk or run. iJog will calculate your distance, trip time, average speed, direction, and even your calories burned.

Not only does iJog track your workout but it displays all of your key information on one screen and you can customize iJog to your tastes with one of our 10 backgrounds. Most importantly, we know you fitness buffs like your music…so don’t worry, you can still listen to it while you use iJog. Just start up a playlist and then open iJog.

People all over the world are using iJog to stay in shape and measure their performance! Join them today and purchase iJog for only $.99

Key Features in this version of iJog: 

* Listen to Music While You Workout

* Measure Distance

* Tally Trip Time

* Calculate Average Speed

* Track Calories Burned

* Watch Your Direction

* 10 Customizable Backgrounds

* Assess Your Previous Trip

What Others Are Saying about iJog:

Useful running tool! ****
iJog works well and it’s easy to use. Because it’s on my phone I’ve got it with me all the time, so it’s ready whenever I decide to run.
It’s a handy tool for runners, I’d recommend it!


Love It! *****
I use this app everyday while I run along the Chicago waterfront. It is really easy to use…I just start it and then forget about it! Looking forward to your next app AppAppers.
-Chicago Jogger